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I can't believe you would base your success on Ergolines', or any distributors' "brek even analysis"..Trust me, the #'s are inflated. There is no way any one can predict exactly. If I was to call them, they would hand me the same BS.

I am not trying to 'bust your chops', but rather, awaken you. There are many things which determine the success of a salon, or any business. If you are going to base it on a salesman who is basing his commission on the fact you will be impressed, you will soon find how 'off' they are.

Many factors come into play. The ergo rep is clueless to your enviroment. They will tell you what you want to hear. That is their job.

That said, from what you described, the location sounds ideal. But remember, do not expect to make much money on college students. Why?? College students, by nature, are cheap. They live on a tight budget. They live on loans. They live on parents money. Disposable cash does not come easy for them. Also, they are more seasonal than the industry itself. When semester is over, school breaks, summer/winter vacation, and they have time on their hands, they go home. They won't be coming to tan.

I had an ideal location picked similar to yours. Directly across the street from an all womens College, One of the oldest in the country. The salon was going into a converted warehouse loft. I studied the demographics. The place was ripe, so I thought, until I realized what a ghost town it was during spring break, (they all go to Florida), and fact talking to other business owners in the area, their biz was slow during those I moved on.

Just some thought. Best to Ya'
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