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I'm opening my first salon hopefully right around January after college christmas break. Constructive criticism is welcome, in fact, bring it on! I have a presentation for a loan Wednesday,

The salon will be targeted for the younger tanner on a college budget because a major university with 19,000 undergrads between the ages of 17 and 24 are less than a mile away (so basically 52.3% of the tanning population will be within walking distance of my salon. The salon will be in a rennisancial downtown area loaded with trendy shops and restaraunts, and across the street from the most popular in the city in a 1,500 sq ft store with a glass storefront.

The decor will be tropical, but not like a cheesey *** typical salon with grass skirts everywhere. It will be called Pipeline Tanning Co, named after the worlds largest surfing spot in Hawaii, and will be like a sophisticated surf shop. My dad owns a glass store, so all my hallways will be glass. More details about decorations if y'all want...

8 total beds, 6 of which being the same base level beds the most upscale salon in the city has, sundash 232c's, 1 ergoline advantage 400, and 1 sundash stand-up. The salon will offer unbeatable monthly packages, realizing that the key to success is dollars per customer, and the more they are in the salon, the more they will be opt to check out specials, upgrades, and using lotions. Student specials such semester and school-year packages will be pushed to college cliebts. Lotions will be targeted to younger buyers, like emerald bay by cal-tan, but also have some upscale lotions for the rich people living in the many,many new loft complexes, such as Supre and Swedish B.

The competition in the downtown area is very feeble, with only one other salon by the university, and it so happens to be a total $hit-hole, where you have to even clean your own bed. My beds will be better, in an awesome atmopshere (think flatscreen TVs with "the real world" and "the o.c." along with surfing dvds) and trendy music that will be high-energy (a one last stop before you hit the over 20 downtown clubs within walking distance!)

Sun Ergolines Break-Even Anylasis projected my salon breaking even within the 1st year if I loaned 125,000. 60,000 is going to be used for the beds, and I will spend every penny necessary to make the salon a must-see place, even if you're not a tanner. The idea is to be like Abercrombie and Fitch owned retail store Hollister, a trendy tropical place for college kids that promotes a "popular" lifestyle and is affordable.

Well, whattya think?

......Before you start with the bull$hit "you need to check out available amps, tons of a/c, blah blah me, the research has been done, and I have EVERYTHING I need...well besides the loan approval
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