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Coppertone, I completely agree with your post regarding the success of smaller salons and, again, I was just trying to get to Engfant. He comes on here with his super negative, hating attitude with his "predictions" about spray tanning and then when someone responds to his "CHALLENGE" he cant handle it. I made my predictions. Thats what they are, predictions....opinions -- not something to be wrong about or argued over.

Randy, there isn't even a sunless unit in the county. My son's friends was in a wedding about a month ago. They (twin girls) drove 45 miles to the closest one. They got it done and it was a mess. They both had to go back the next morning (day of the wedding) to get it redone. To this day they still have streaks from the sunless. I guess the people doing it must not know what they were doing or at least sounds like it.[ This Message was edited by: Coppertone on 2004-08-18 22:50 ]
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