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"Spray booth solution will be found by the FDA as safe to drink"
See the reason why I run my mouth like a fool is because people's responses give away true ignorance.

Kind of funny how a guy who thinks he is the Jay Leno of TanTalk cant see the comedy in that statement. DHA solution being drinkable was just an intentional ridiculous "prediction" intended to inflame spray booth haters like you, Engfant. Youre so sour over spray booths you cant even take a joke...and I didnt even mention the fact that my booth will be paid for within NINE MONTHS (this September)...that would've REALLY pushed you to the edge. YOU"RE the one who started this thread in a weak attempt to vent your frustrations over the success of spray tanning . No need to call me ignorant.

Coppertone, I completely agree with your post regarding the success of smaller salons and, again, I was just trying to get to Engfant. He comes on here with his super negative, hating attitude with his "predictions" about spray tanning and then when someone responds to his "CHALLENGE" he cant handle it. I made my predictions. Thats what they are, predictions....opinions -- not something to be wrong about or argued over.

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