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RandyR predictions for 2005 - 2006:

¤ Salons with 8 beds or less will be FEW and FAR BETWEEN

¤ The standard tanning bed will be 15 min VHO, "super" beds will be 9 mins or less

¤ The cost of the top quality market-leading spray booths (Magic, Mystic) will NOT come down, as they will evolve just as UV tanning beds have...better, faster, more features, more efficient. Used spray booths will be available, but the new booths will always be preferred.

¤ Only the sketchiest of salons will NOT have a spray booth because the successful salons will have taken all of their business.

¤ Spray booth solution will be found by the FDA as safe to drink

¤ President Bush will nuke Iran.
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