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I read that article and was not all that impressed. There will always be somebody out there who will always be hurt or worse by just about anything. All the regulation in the world wont keep people from tanning outside anyway. At one place in the article it says that tanning indoors does not help protect you any from burining when outside. Now that's a bunch of bull! I'm a skin type 3 and before I started tanning inside, to get that "base tan", I burned everytime I was out in the sun for more than just a few minutes. Last summer, I did get my base tan at my salon and then went on a three raft ride down the Guadalupe wearing a tan thru suit and a SPF 10. I didn't burn, get pink...nothing OR even get a tan line. Same story the year before when I spent 10 days in the Destin area renting a house right on the beach. Tanning is no different than many other it in moderation. For someone who has either never tanned or has not in a long time, they start going to tan, go 4 or 5 times a week and increase their minutes too fast....DUH! they will probably burn their fanny. As for cancer, doesn't there have to be a live cell for it to grow? I'd bet that 95% plus, people who are voicing these complaints and all about having gotten cancer, have a family history and should not have been there in the frist palce.
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