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There is a difference between those of us who call salons looking to be able to invest our time in them and help them in being able to make decisions about what is and isn't going to work well for them and educating them on the different products, and there are those distributors who have hundreds of employees making hundreds of calls a day, even calling the same salon multiple times, just trying to "undercut" those of us out there who actually care about our salons and salon owners. What I am saying is that there are two types of sales people; those of us who care and those who don't. It isn't like we are those telemarketers who call people at home at dinner time for a service that they don't need b/c obviously they already have a phone that you are calling to bug them on. We are offering services to salon owners who all could benefit from learning something new... Did you know that your own dry skin can repel 50% of UV light? Try that next time someone doesn't want to purchase a lotion b/c they don't see the need to. Would you pay for a car and only use half of it? Of course not!
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