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Sounds like you need a VHR bed. 10-12 min max session time. What kind of 15 min lamps are you using in your beds now? Are they a higher UVB lamp(CosmoSun 515) or a reflector lamp(VLR)? If they are a higher UVB 100 watt lamp a VHR bed would really get your tanners excited. I recently put in a used Orbit 44/4 into my salon, and I think I might need another one next year. Where are you located at? In So.Cal. an Orbit session fetches $20-$28 per session! The clients like it a lot. How much power do you have to play with? This bed needs a 60 amp breaker by itself. A used Orbit will cost about $5000-$8000. then account for shipping, set-up, new lamps, and maybe a new acrylic or two. What is great about the bed is the 4 1000 watt facials. They really do the job in 10-12 mins.
Good Luck.
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