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If by nature it runs in the family Mike see the Derm. ...
Certain foods you and the rest of family enjoy may cause reaction to your son.
The Derm will be able to get him straight.

Tell him if it is important to him he get this straight.... he must follow the list given to him by the doctor.

Try to get him to wash his hands and not touch his face so much.... also tell him not to over wash the face.........this creates more problems...........

Change the pillow cases every other day.....and make sure the phones he uses are kept clean. Acne creates germs....... this is all normal teenage stuff.........

Acne is a battle...but if he follows his meds along with proper skin care am and pm. he will survive. Tell him it will get better.

See the Derm though. if your son was here by us we'd treat him in a minute.....
Let us know what meds the doctor gives him...

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