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This post is to set the record straight:

AEGIS created the electronic starter market here in North America 2.5 years ago. Solar Starters, known under the brand name of OekoStart in Europe, have enjoyed a flawless reputation in tanning salons worldwide for over 4 years.

Solar Starters are qualitatively different from the Johnnie-Come-Lately's, who have recently forced their way onto the market by virtually giving their products away, in the following manners:

1. Solar Starters employ a composite material PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which is designed specifically for use in high heat, high humidity environments, such as exist in most tanning salons. The others use Phenol Paper (like hard cardboard) type PCB's, which absorb water from condensation,
causing potentially hazardous component conductivity failures. These cheap also-ran's are good for industrial lighting, such as in warehouses, etc., but not for use in commercial tanning salons.

2. The most important thing in any electronic starter or ballast is the type and quality of storage capacitors
mounted on the printed circuit board itself. The manufacturer of Solar Starters, PalmStep (a German company producing on the island of Mauritius) enjoys the exclusive purchasing rights to a unique capacitor that can withstand ambient operating temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius, which is essential when used in commercial tanning salons. The wannabe starters are forced to buy other, qualitatively lesser capacitors, which have far lower hear resitance thresholds. This
means that they will fail if used in enclosed, poorly ventilated spaces, i.e., in a tanning bed.

Not to be outdone by the heavy discounting of our competitors, we began distributing Solar Starters throughout North America for $2.50 ea. at the Nashville show. This price is now fixed, regardless of quantities purchased by any particular salon owner. Why should you choose Solar Starters over the green and blue ones? Well, apart from the abovementioned techical points, we have lots of positive testimonials from all over the country, and a 4 year track record of success.

For more information, please go to:

Thanks for reading this, and we hope to have you as a customer soon.

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