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Our local morning news show has a variety of professional sorts that come on each day and take calls and answer questions related to their area. Well, this morning was a Skin Care specialist. Specifically, a PA from a Derms office. Anyway, someone called looking for advice to help with an extreme dry skin problem. The advice given started out ok. I'd never heard it before but I could almost accept it. Then it went down hill, fast. The following was his answer....

"Put lotion on within 3 minutes after getting out of the shower. The lotion is to keep the water from your shower on your skin. If you put it on within 3 minutes the lotion will form the barrier needed to keep the water on your skin. It doesn't matter what lotion you use, you could even use Crisco. The key is to get it on within 3 min. Some people think that drinking more water is the answer but it will do nothing to help your dry skin."

I swear the man said it was ok to use Crisco on your skin! My mouth hit the floor when I heard that one. He went on to say that they recommended no particular product at all, just use something after your shower.

Now, I do have a question about his theory on putting lotion on when still damp from the shower... Does this do any good or is it as much baloney as his Crisco idea?
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