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Try this.. you are combinding too many different products in our opinion..
Stick with JA seems this is a good system for oil control..
When you wake up in the morning.. do not rewash.. just use the astringant (toner).. your face is clean from the night before though you have a little oil from the night.. you do not need to rewash it.. just freshen it with the toner..
Stripping the mantel (top layer of the skin) is too much action for the skin.. you are probably creating more oil by washing too much..

Go down to exfoliation about every 7-10 days on the face for awhile.. try this and see if this doesn't help..
As far as using the dove for sensitive skin.. if you choose this.. be sure you keep the soap in a closed container in the bathroom.. unless it is a pump bottle.
Bar soaps in a shower collect germs when kept moist....
be sure you cover all products used for skin care..
Do not share your soap with the "body".

Try using a rice paper for blotting the extra oil during the day..
Be sure your foundation contains no mineral oil.
Use an oil blocking powder for the final touch on your make-up..

How much water do you drink per day?

Do you eat alot of meats?
Chris and Julie
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