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Ronnie, sorry for delay responding - just returned home from a road trip, onsite with a client.

Once you remove the Inventory items the "average cost" - cost of good value for that product will not longer be included in your Cost of Goods Sold for any prior Daily Sales report that you may run - with the level of inaccuracy that may not be an issue for you.

Prior to removing the items for Sales Codes and Inventory codes you may wish to do an Inventory Adjustment to "remove" the quantity on hand from the system. Again with the level of inaccuracy in the Average Cost calculation currently within Helios this may not be a priority for you.

OK - the removal.

Bring up the related Sales Code, go to the Inventory Tab.

Delete the Inventory Item first (F6 - when on the Inventory Tab) - many users make the mistake of deleting JUST the Sales code leaving the related Inventory Item in the system - then wondering WHY it still shows on the Inventory Master (and others) report after they deleted it, BUT they did not delete the Inventory Item just the Sales Code - two different things - two different tables.

So, once the Inventory Item is deleted - click back to the Financial Tab of the Sales Code and delete (F6) the Sales Code.

OK now both the Sales code to sell the product, and the Inventory code to maintain the Qty on hand etc are deleted from your system.

If you have in the past deleted a Sales Code for a Product and not deleted the related Inventory Code - you can go to the Inventory Tab and F11-Find the appropriate Inventory Code record and delete it.

Hope this helps.
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