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~ Frankie .... you are echoing my exact statments made months ago...... I have never begrudged larger businesses their sweetheart deals..... they built that relationship---- big bucks gains better $$$ savings.....

And the same should be for a group of small businesses that have the initiative to form a group makeing them 1 large entity able to gain access to the same type of deals.

As long as the MFGs are fixing discounts (which is NOT legal) and as long as there is 'unfair advantage' (meaning that companies like ETS threaten to sue a buyers group trying to help small business survive) there will always be angst in this industry!

If Big dog was a proven Diverter of Goo ~ I would shoot the f***** myself!

It is not.

It is an effort to obtain a better deal via the strength in numbers...... NUMBERS are a powerful thing..... for ETS to threaten the livlihood of approx 400 salon owners with this legal action - - - an action that is not founded on true concern for anything but placating the Big distribs......

Well - - it seems to me that ETS just LOST 400 + customers.... and thousands of potential customers - with this behavior. And you have hollered from on high about the diversion of lotion on the Flea Market circut..... I think you often discount any one else's concerns if they do not affect you directly ~ and that is possible just a side of human nature.......

But - - deflecting this issue with the CAUSE of a National Ad Campaign is not going to happen......

Why would 400+ salon owners give a rats *** about trying to gain support and acceptance of their trade from the outside world - - - when their own industry suppliers are smacking the sh** out of them?

There is many things I wanted to see BigDog become......

But I never thought I would see it become a victim to it's own.


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