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Thanks for the update Teresa, and I truly do wish you the very best with this implementation.

I for one am very glad to hear that Tony is still at Helios. I personally believe Helios Users will be the worst for it when/if he does depart.

V10 WAN scheduled for installation at the end of August, less than 40 days away - it has been so long coming it will be great to see the approaches and safeguards they have taken.

Remember if they miss that end of August date by a day or two - V10 was promised to be shipped Nov 9th at the 2001 Nashville show and it (to the best of my knowledge) is still not being shipped.

Address Line encryption only being in the Demo Version of V10 - I truly hope that this time, and at least on this issue, Tony is speaking from fact. Earlier in July when he said that to a number of Users, John Keffner at ETS stated on July 10th that that decision had not been made as yet. One would wonder why they put the encryption in the "DEMO" version if they did not intent on using it. This does not address the equally concerning issue of the EFT Account Number encryption which removes the ability of Users to export data from the EFT table within Helios for independant processing of EFT transactions without the involvement of ETS/Helios.

V10 - NO DONGLE - interesting. This must be a very recent change in direction. V10.0.45 starts in Demo mode saying as with V9 that the Hardware Key is not present. Earlier in July another User was told that the new "V10 Dongle" would work with both V9.4 (I assumed actually V9.4.5) and V10.

I wonder what security approach they are going to use now and if it will afford the same convenience to the User that the dongle did for reinstalling software without the involvement of Helios Tech Support and allowing for the convenient use of a copy of the software (in demo mode) for reporting on a home or office computer.

Thanks again for the update Teresa.
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