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I have read over all the postings on new versions of Helios, new computers, windows xp, etc. and now I need to decide what to do. I don't want to make any decisions based on answers that my be outdated and I am totally a "non" computer geek so here are my questions:

I want to get a new computer and I am pretty sure it will come with xp home on it. Does that work? If not can I get xp pro preinstalled? I recently bought a compaq for my back office and I'll probably get the same thing for the salon. It came with xp home some of my older software won't install.

I have Helios V8 currently and wonder if that will even work on xp. I remember transferring the program to my current salon computer and you have to take it off the old computer before it will install on the new one. I'd like to know ahead of time if it will work or not. That way I will have the new version in hand before doing anything.

I ordered a demo off the helios website yesterday. As of now (24 hrs later) they have not aknowledged me in any way so I am still wondering if I will get V9 or V10. Does anyone know? Also, does this demo turn into the real version or is it strictly a demo?

I currently use a t-max manager connected to a serial port. Do newer computers still connect the same way? The new Compaq I have uses a USB for the printer (bought new at the same time) so I wasn't even asking what other ports are standard. Will I need any additional hardware for the t-max?

I currently have two computers in the salon but only one can set beds. I won't buy two new ones unless I know that a newer version of Helios will allow both computers to set beds. Does anyone know the answer to that? Is additional hardware or a multi user version of the software required?

The early days of initially setting up Helios and than installing a t-max are not the days I want to go through again. At least I am confident that all the brainy folks on this site will be able to talk me through any glitches.

Thanks in advance for any answers, Tammy
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