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I personally LIKE the way the ITA board voting is set up.

Do you want me as a vendor to pick YOUR salon representative? I don't think so.

The ITA board is set up so that salons pick their representative, since salons know best who and what representation they want on the ITA board.

It's assumed that the distributor members know the distributor candidates better than any other people in the industry and will choose the best distributor sector candidate accordingly.

For example, do you know Doug Tiffany of Tan Systems well enough to vote for/against him? I'm guessing not. But I can guarantee you there is not a distributor in this country that has not spent lots of time with Doug and knows Doug well enough to vote for/against him as their representative.

Remember, once on the ITA board, salons get two votes to every one vote of any other sector.

I'm a little confused as to what fault you find with this system, can you clarify?

Brenda Fishbaugh

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