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I wanted to announce that American Royal, Inc. has agreed to help fund the National Advertising Campaign (NAC). I have convinced André of the need for the NAC and the need to come up with ways to fund the NAC.

André has agreed to begin a new NAC funding program in conjunction with the on-line salon only ordering system American Royal, Inc. is introducing today.

American Royal, Inc. will sign up salons that want to help fund the NAC by donating 5% of their purchases to fund the NAC.

The great thing is that the 5% will be over and beyond the maximum discounts the salons are receiving on the products they order.

So if Brand X has a 30% maximum allowable discount then the salon gets the product at the maximum allowable discount. Then American Royal will donate an additional 5% directly to the NAC.

Everyone wins!

The salon still receives the maximum allowable discounts possible!
NAC receives 5% donations from those sales!

This program is limited to salons ordering on line and that have signed up in advance for the NAC program. American Royal, Inc. must verify that the customers are tanning salons or business that have tanning beds for commercial use before they can order from American Royal, Inc.

American Royal, Inc. will give all salons on the NAC funding program, the maximum allowable discount on all brands of indoor tanning products , then will donate an amount equal to an additional 5% discount on those lines to the NAC fund to support pro-tanning advertising and research. All other standard terms and conditions as outlined in the American Royal catalog apply. Call for more details.

Thank You André and American Royal, Inc. for joining the team to support and fund the NAC. I hope salons will take advantage of this program and know of your support to increase their business with a Pro-tanning advertisements and research!
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