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Quote:3. The fact that the new websites are trying to "eliminate" some of the "trashing and burning" that took place "over there" has had the effect of "toning down" you know where (and that is good!).




Who was the REASON that Don Smith LEFT TanToday for unprofessionalism? One name please. And who is the head moderator where?



Who was the WORST company trasher going, and the head cynic. One name please. And what is the new motto of another site? Protect people from bash/trash/slash?

Scuuuzzze me for noticing these things.

But one thing is for certain, the unnamed site that everyone hates, AND CONTINUE TO PATRONIZE with 75% of the traffic, will continue to do EXACTLY what made it #1.

I wish them all well. But they are in for RUDE awakenings at how much work it really is, how much the VENDORS will now hate THEM TOO, despite their best efforts at being nice, and how much money they will dump into this, AND endless hours.

Looks easy. Ain't.
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