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I feel your pain Rio- I love diet Coke too- no calories, satisfies sweet cravings. I have managed to cut back a lot though. I only drink it at home, I don't drink any at the salon. I flavour my water a bit at the salon and drink that all day. You probably don't need the caffeine as much as you think- diet coke isn't that high in caffeine. I honestly don't notice the difference if I don't drink it; it's just the taste I crave. I don't eat candy or cake or anything like that, and I think that's why I crave the diet coke. I wish you luck- definitely try flavouring your water at work. Even add a packet of sugar twin wih your lemon. I know, chemicals, but a little bit makes it taste so much better and it will make you enjoy your water enough to stay away from coke, which has many other additives. Using a straw helps mix your drink.
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