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To the Maven of Bandana Blvd.,
Do you lock your door at night up there in St. Paul? If Don deems it necessary to lock his doors to keep someone out it is his perogotive. His game, his rules, his decision. I don't remember reading any articles by you in any national trade magizines. The only thing I remember reading from you is the same droll, regurgitation of rhetoric as usual. Nothing new, just the same boring blah blah blah. Take Care of Golden Tan Salon over near Como and it will take care of you.

Rayz--Sheslob is calling you, better head home now ya hear?

To everyone else- As I was riding my Fatboy around the beautiful state of Florida today I really thought how proud of Chris I am. She out sells most northern salons in the summer when our biggest competitor lives right ourside our front door (That would be the Sun Sheila). It cleared the garbage out of my brain and let me realize the reason we are in business, it is because of people like you, Don, Tamar, Buntanner, Bronze , and everyone else who strive to be successfull and positive and most of all MJ, who is a big salon right NOW. Sell, educate,learn, and make deposits everynight. And don't let misguided, boring,drivel get us off our tracks.
Have a great week ahead.
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