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The only issue at hand here is Don Smith has decided to stay here where it is peaceful exchange of ideas, and a genuine spirit of learning and growing in this industry.
Further more, the Other isnt all bad just a few unfortunately one of the problems is the administrater himself, and well enough said.
I only wish they would get back to the real reason these site were created and STOP the pettiness.
Don is his own person and can and will make his own mind of when and WHERE he would like to post.
Just a note the only reason Bruces' little mind is bent out of shape is because Don choses not to be on his board.
Bruce... get over it..
Think of it like this...even if it is true that don THINKS he is a Czar,.... That in no way interferes with your current KINGSHIP OF THE UNIVERSE...
Albeit, self proclaimed ..nothing a little prozac can't take care of.
Just my opinion
Sooooo, how is everyone busy season coming along??? Ihave to ask. is anyone else annoyed with the nailco crap thats going on...
and is anyone else exclusive with caltan??

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