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The "Czar Of Tanning Regulations" Don Smith, is on a banishment bandwagon. He locked out Steve from Solarmeter for asking a technical question about wavelengths that might show Don as deficient in science, he locked out, and banished dear Rod, for a polite question about regulation, locked you out a State Training representative, as a threat to his sovereign reign, and locked me out, without having posted in six months.

Seems we might actually ask an inconvient question or two.

Hiding, and living, with those unable to understand, those willing to genuflect and bow and scrape, before the altar of the almighty Don seems to be the way things must go, if you want to talk nowadays to "THE DON of TANNING" Don Smith.

Shame, in days of old, Don used to be FOR salons, now he wants all salon operators to have medical degrees, or not operate at all.

For goodness sake, we are NOT nuclear physicians here, we are NOT dealing with Plutonium Isotopes. We take people, put them in sunlight, and they turn brown.

No need for tomes of science, white smocked technicians, and national training schools for operators. What Smart Tan does, a one day class, in basic salon operations, is certainly enough.


At least Don isn't in control of the lockout button here, YET...
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