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To me this may be one of the most abused areas of double talk hoisted on salon owners. You go to buy a bed and the lease company says you can write off the entire amount of the bed. Ask any good accountant and they will tell you that you write off exactly the same amount of dollars either way. Either you write off the interest and depreciation on the bed if you pay outright or borrow money from the bank or you write off the amount of the lease payment. The lease payment includes the principal of the bed and the interest. Either way you write it all off your taxes. In leasing you will actually write off more because the interest is higher than what you will pay at the bank. I use leasing because of one and one reason only. When I lease a bed I put up the first and last months payment when I buy the bed. At the bank I put up half and so I conserve cash. That is the only reason to do it. The bank and leasing company neither one have any input on the bed working or not working, if it is broke or running I still have to pay my payment. It is only a difference of cash outlay.
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