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posted 02-21-2002 04:34 PM
Check out some of the information that "Chippp off the old block" is throwing out. [on the "Henhouse"]
Total misinformation without regards to the readers on the site. If I were one of the readers, I certainly would question the BS going on.

However, there are some real good individuals on the site. I visit it when there is a chance.

Roger Brown, CEO
puretan International
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Roger Brown if you infact wrote this you are in the dark.
Only cowards ambush from behind a bush, and your whole sneaky dishonesty speaks a lot aboutyou and your company. All anyone needs to know is you said this behind my back , on a site I never visit, instead of to my face, coward.
Everyone has all they need to know about you now.

Buy from this man?
Not me!

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